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All About Ella Heart

Ella completed her degree in environmental system sciences with focus on economics in Austria when she was about 25 years old. Before becoming self-employed as a yoga teacher and content creator, she worked for a big radio station in Vienna in sales, marketing, and presenting.

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My Story

I was very curious by nature as a kid but getting older felt tough on my mental state. After having experienced the matrix and followed its rules for about 3.5 decades, graduating from university with honors and a Master's in economics, and being a good employee in various companies, I was looking for more in life than going to work, living for the weekend, and the 5 weeks of holiday per year. I had everything but still felt trapped and emotionally unbalanced.


In 2015 I had my first psychedelic experience with psilocybin that a friend gave me. It was a profound experience that changed my life. After this glimpse into this other reality with an expanded mind I wanted to go more in this direction. Iboga, Ayahuasca, and DMT (Changa) flood doses followed.

Today I am happy to have found a way out of my old life. I was able to create a new more exciting life that suits my spirit so much better and to let go of everything that didn't serve me. 

I became a digital nomad or better said a psychedelic nomad.

Life is full of positive surprises. Take action, believe in yourself, get some help from natural psychedelics, be clear about your intention and you can create the dream life that you always wanted. Your mind is much stronger than you think but you need to get back in control, otherwise others will put you on autopilot and you are a slave of your past.

Be kind. Never give up.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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