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Image by Ishan @seefromthesky

The Holiday Resort
of the Future

The Elljoworld Island will be a place where your mind and body can recharge and reconnect to your source. 

We want to create a holistic island in the Netherlands where you can get the reset that you always wished for. We want to build a strong team of various coaches (meditation, yoga, massages, etc.) and work with a very mindful approach in all fields that we will offer.


The Elljoworld Island is a private island with 7 different areas. Here you can relax, find yourself, and dig deeper into your self-development.

You can come for a short holiday or for a much longer stay. We provide the highest accommodation standards, guides with knowledge about plant medicine and herbs, the best yoga and meditation coaches that you can find, floating sensory deprivation tanks, and cold exposure therapies.


All buildings are built from natural components like hemp and bamboo. We want to create a place that is perfectly in touch with nature and doesn't cause any harm to the environment. Food and everything we need will be provided on the island. The island will be a completely off-grid and sustainable place.


For every stage of your life, we will create the perfect package of self-finding journeys, activities, rest, and enjoyment.


Important Note:

The Elljoworld Island has not been built yet. We have a very clear vision for the Elljoworld Island. We currently have to organize the funds that are necessary to start. This is where you come in. You can be one of our important sponsors/donors who shares our values and sees the immensely positive effect that this place could have in the future.

Be part of the Elljoworld Island and become one of our sponsors or donors.

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