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Do NOT listen to Joe Rogan and smoke DMT

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Here is why

Note: DMT can be smoked in different forms. I will refer to how to smoke DMT in the form of CHANGA, smokeable Ayahuasca. I heard that pure DMT doesn’t necessarily need a special diet but I really don’t know and can only say what I experienced.

Joe Rogan is an interesting guy and some of his ideas are really great, others not so much.

Joe Rogan is one of the few celebrities who are very vocal about their psychedelic experiences and I highly appreciate that. But there is a huge problem with how Joe Rogan communicates them. He makes smoking DMT sound like getting high and everybody should go and do it with vape pens. I highly disagree with that.

Here is a short video with Joe Rogan talking about smoking DMT 3 times in one day:

So let me first start with what I do agree with. Yes, the Ego dissolves with psychedelics and we are all connected and nothing really matters because we are part of something much bigger that we cannot fully understand (yet). I also agree with what he said about the amount, if you had the right amount it will take you on an out-of-body experience and you will fly through the universe. You will die and come back. You need to be able to fully surrender to this experience, or you might have a difficult time.

If you are not ready to die, don’t touch this substance.

I had a very long journey of self-improvement, and self-development, in combination with other much lighter psychedelics like Magic Mushrooms, before I even considered touching this spiritual molecule.

Here is the problem with what Joe Rogan says in the video

He makes it sound like he can do DMT trips whenever he feels it. This is very dangerous and not recommended at all.

Note: Joe Rogan did not explain in which form he consumes DMT, it might be pure, it might be mixed with other herbs. I could not figure that out.

If you are considering smoking the spiritual molecule, DMT in form of Changa, you need to have the right preparation, setting, diet (!), and read up on contra-indications. If you are on anti-depressants it might not be a good idea to go on this journey at all. Speak to your doctor first.

You should also have a lot of inner work done before even considering it. Other psychedelics like magic mushrooms (psilocybin) might be fun if you prepare accordingly and take them in a calm and mindful setting, but you can NOT compare a magic mushroom trip with smoking DMT.

I do get that it f***ed him up for weeks, after smoking DMT 3 times in just one day. I honestly don't understand, why anyone would want to do that, especially without a trustful guide or shaman who helps you through this extreme-death experience. I am sure that he was not prepared for this intense journey.

It is a lot to take in and it might be super dangerous if you are still on anti-depressants. I know I am repeating myself here, but it is very important that you are aware of this fact.

The wrong diet, especially if you smoke it in form of Changa, can also cause a lot of harm, the mildest thing that can happen to you might be a strong headache but it might be much worse.

DMT is a super-strong substance that should never be taken lightly. Don’t think that this is anything like a party drug. It is not!

If you became interested in DMT and you think you are ready to escape the matrix, you might want to consider an Ayahuasca retreat first. Ayahuasca contains the spiritual molecule, DMT, as well, but this journey is much more gentle and you are able to decide how much of the brew you want to drink. Mother Ayahuasca is very loving and kind but also this trip needs the right intention, setting, trustful guides, and at least one month of intense preparation (right diet, no western medicine, a lot of meditation, yoga, etc.). Well-organized retreats will have a whole script with preparation details that you should follow very strictly.

I personally find that Ayahuasca is a very different experience from the full DMT trip. Smoking DMT instead of going to an Ayahuasca retreat might seem much more time and cost-efficient but this strong and short experience (about 10–20 min) can absolutely f*** you over and it might be super hard for you to re-integrate back into our reality here on earth.

You don’t want to be cost or time efficient with psychedelics. Time and money don’t exist in these other dimensions. One second in this reality might be a whole lifetime there.

I experienced my first time smoking DMT as a wonderful but still super intense experience. I learned a lot from this trip and I am super grateful for this experience but I prepared myself for this journey for about a decade of my life before I was brave enough to touch this substance and I am very happy that I did it this way. DMT helped me to find magick again. I know now that we have a spirit that can exist outside of our human body and that we are peaceful spiritual beings from nature. We lost the connection to our spirits and we need to rebuild this connection mindfully.

Please, don’t listen to Joe Rogan and think you can smoke DMT like weed. It is nothing like it.

Soon I will be ready to share my first DMT trip with you on this blog.

Never forget: Treat others like you want to be treated. We are all connected.

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This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Some of the substances referenced are illegal in some countries. This article does not constitute medical advice. Please do your own research and consult your doctor before taking any psychedelics.

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