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Hello Psychedelic Nomads Community!

A New Community Is Growing

A few months ago I opened the publication psychedelicnomad on Yesterday I had my first interview with about Psychedelic Nomads. When you look at their website you can see that they are all about the latest startups and news from Europe.

screenshot of the website, 01.02.2023

I talked to one of their editorial team members, Tim. We had a really pleasant chat for about 40 min.

screenshot of the website, 01.02.2023

As most of the other articles are tech or economic-related, I am really looking forward to seeing how my article about the digital nomad lifestyle combined with natural psychedelics will fit in. Tim had some really good questions and I want to answer some of them here for you.

What Is Psychedelic Nomads? Psychedelic Nomads is a lifestyle, a new way of living freely and to the fullest. One part of this lifestyle is being a digital nomad, working online, and not having to worry about a fixed location to earn your money. The other part is to let yourself be guided by plant teachers. I have done some psychedelic flood doses (Ayahuasca, Iboga, DMT/Changa, Psilocybin) but for the daily grind, Microdosing is actually what really does the magic for John and me. Why combine psychedelics/plant teachers and the digital nomad lifestyle? Being self-employed, and being a digital nomad comes with some challenges and risks. It is the freest lifestyle that I was ever allowed to experience but you need to have the mindset for it.

Mindset is everything. Our power is the mind.

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It is important to keep your vibration up and positive. Taking very small amounts of psychedelics like Iboga, Salvia Divinorum, LSD / ALD52, or Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms or Truffles) helps to get to the right mindset and stay there. But it is not a magic bullet. You need to work really hard on yourself to get there, have a clear intention, and be willing to let go of the past and everything that doesn’t serve you. Psychedelics can only assist but you need to do the work.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please do your own research!

Can you get addicted to natural psychedelics? No. Natural psychedelics are helping you to be more open to new information, they help you to learn new skills easier, and help you to understand your emotional state of mind, your patterns, and your family patterns. It is hard work and not always pleasant, especially after deep psychedelic flood doses and spiritual awakenings it can be challenging for a couple of days, weeks, or even months. After psychedelic retreats, it is very wise to take a break from all substances, meditate, practice yoga, and go inward to digest all the new information that you have received. This is a very long process and learning will never end.

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You can compare psychedelic treatments with ice-cold showers or baths. They are not pleasant, quite unpleasant for the body in fact but you do it to get out of it and feel stronger and refreshed with a stronger mind. It is very similar to plant teachers/psychedelics. You do it to improve, develop your character, and get to a state of mind where you are in control and power. When you reach this level of awareness you will be able to create exactly the reality that you are manifesting or dreaming of.

Psychedelics are a weapon when it comes to increased consciousness and awareness. Human beings are super powerful, when healthy and in balance, and connected with their source.

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Would I choose this lifestyle again? Yes, it is the only way of living for me. I like to be free, I love to travel and enjoy alone time, I can handle challenging situations and I became quite stress resistant over the last few years.

Being a psychedelic nomad opened new possibilities and gave me the power to believe in all of my dreams. Everybody should be able to be fully free, and happy.


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