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How to behave in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop

What is standard coffeeshop etiquette?

If you have booked a trip to Amsterdam and are planning to check out some of the famous Amsterdam coffeeshops to sample their finest weed, there are a few things you should be mindful of for your visit.

First, there are the usual rules:

  • No kids or people under 18 (this one should be obvious), the coffeeshop staff might ask to see your ID and will not let you enter if you are too young or can't show them your ID.

  • Don't wear a cap or anything covering your face, just like with a bank they do not want to be robbed so they insist on this rule.

  • Don't bring tobacco into the coffeeshop, a lot of coffeeshops provide a free substitute for rolling joints but won't permit you to use tobacco.

  • Don't bring outside weed into the coffeeshop, they are only allowed to have a maximum of 500 grams on the premises at any time so they could get in trouble if they get checked (also they want you to buy their weed).

  • Don't bring alcohol or other drugs into the coffeeshop, it is illegal and they will not permit it, if you seem drunk they may ask you to leave.

These rules apply to all coffeeshops and they will enforce them, the only rule that you might get away with breaking is the no tobacco rule (they might just ask you to hide your pack of cigarettes but won't ask you to leave). There are also a few rules that most coffeeshops impose as their own house rules which are:

  • No photos or videos, this was a huge problem when I was making video reviews about coffeeshops, some might let you film a little if you ask nicely but they will be clear that you cannot film any other customers.

  • No outside food, only the coffeeshops that sell their own food will insist on this rule and some others have agreements with nearby restaurants so you can get food from there.

  • Don't touch the weed before buying it, the budtenders will often let you smell the weed while you are deciding on what to buy, eyes and nose only, no hands.

  • Don't be loud, coffeeshops have less tolerance for noisy customers than pubs do, if you are too loud they will probably ask you to leave under the assumption that you are drunk and not high.

These are the basic guidelines of what you need to follow when visiting an Amsterdam coffeeshop. The main thing is that you have a relaxed time getting high and if it gets too much, drink some coke and run some ice-cold water over your wrists, you'll be right. Have fun.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, this is not medical advice. Please do your own research. I don't promote the use of illegal drugs.

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