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Money Bowl to attract Money & Abundance

This money bowl can assist you to attract more money and abundance into your life. Make sure that you set the right intention and atmosphere before you start. Do it in a safe and undisturbed environment alone or with other positive people around you.

Never forget: No magic spell or item will work without the right energy and INTENTION!

Here is my recipe for a money bowl

Note: There are a lot of variations and all of them have their place.

  • Rice for the base


  • two cinnamon sticks

  • Basil

  • Aniseed

  • Hyssop

  • Ginger

  • Bay Leaves

  • White Salt

  • Rose Petals


  • Green Aventurine

  • Fluorite

Last but not least add a green candle in the middle, light it and send your energy and intention. Meditate for at least 2-3 min in front of the bowl. If you are 2 or more people make sure to hold hands to increase the vibration into higher realms.

Remember not to blow out the candle. When you are finished use a little bit of spit between your fingers and extinguish the candle.

After creating this bowl perform a short ceremony with the same intention and energy for at least 90 days. This can be a 2 min meditation in front of your self-made money bowl or it can be much longer. Make sure to be consistent and patient. Do not wish for it but be grateful for the money that you already have. Always use mantras in the present tense.

Here is an example of an affirmation/meditation:

I am grateful for the money that I am receiving. I am attracting money into my life. Money is coming to me from expected and unexpected sources. I live a life of abundance. I am grateful. Thank you to all the spirits who are supporting my journey. Money is energy. I am receiving the money energy from the universe. I am grateful for everything that I have. etc.

Good luck, prosperity & abundance to you.

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