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Seek Discomfort Or Discomfort Will Come To You

Human beings can be very strong in mind and body but to get to this superhuman level it needs a lot of dedication, discipline, consistency, discomfort, and hard work.

Here is a quick reminder on how to keep your mind and body strong:

  • Regular cold exposure: cold showers are a great start, everybody can do this at home and it only takes 5 min to give your immune system a little push. The only thing that you don't want to do is feel the discomfort that you will feel at the beginning of this experience but it is so worth it for your health.

  • Regular mild workouts: You don't need to kill yourself once or twice a week with a murder workout, no! This won't bring you the best results anyway and you might harm your body but if you do about 10–20 min every day (stretching, Yoga, targeting different muscle groups every day, HIIT workouts etc.) you will be surprised by how easy and effective daily workouts can be.

  • Intermittent fasting: How bodies need a break from all the food. Our bodies need time to repair and heal but this can never happen when you are eating all the time, every few hours. Give your body at least 12 hours without food and in phases even more. In my experience 16/8 works great and I like to stick to this for 2–3 months before I break the routine and go back to only 12 hours, after 1–2 months I start again. But whatever you decide to do, don't eat 3–4 hours before going to bed. Give your body some rest.

  • A healthy and balanced diet without (much) refined sugar and processed food: You become what you eat. If you eat fast food all the time, you will become sick over the years. There is no way around it. If you want to stay young, fit, and active a healthy and balanced diet is key.

  • A daily meditation practice of at least 15min in the mornings (ideal for beginners).

With these 5 pillars, I managed to lose 25-30kg in the last 4 years twice, as I gained a lot during both of my pregnancies. I will let you know about the details of my weight loss in an upcoming story in the next few days.

How do you keep your body and mind fit? Do you believe in controlled discomfort?

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