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The Beginning of Elljoworld Island

This is the first concept of our vision

For a few years, John and I have had the idea of the Elljoworld Island. It is an off-grid island where humans can dig deeper in their self-development journey or even start from scratch, recharge their batteries, and reconnect with the help of plant medicine, yoga, therapy, cold exposure, massages, and lots more.

basic structure of the activity fields on the Elljoworld Island, image and design by author

The 7 Main Areas of Elljoworld Island

The Elljoworld Island has 7 main areas that you can choose from. Ideally, you choose at least 3 different ones for the period of time that you want to stay there, and then you will receive an individual program suited to your needs.

Sector A Headquarters: Organization and planning of the island, booking, registration

Sector B The Relaxing Sector: Relaxation areas with pools, massages, and sauna

Sector C The Activity Sector: Active Yang Yoga, HIIT workouts, gym equipment, Zumba classes, and other fun & active activities that will make you sweat

Sector D The Iced Sector: Cold Exposure and breathing techniques

Sector E The Peace of Mind Sector: Meditation, Breathing Exercises, and Yin Yoga combined with microdosing psychedelics like Salvia Divinorum or Magic Truffles

Sector F The F*ck it Sector: Entertainment, Concerts, Dancing, Painting, Party

Sector G The Knowledge Sector: Learn about ancient wisdom, psychedelics, and the human brain All of these sectors are guided by professional trainers and assistants. Every few weeks we will also host a bigger psychedelic ceremony where you have the chance to dig deeper into the rabbit hole of your maybe still unsettled mind.

Note: At the moment we are planning to have the island on Dutch territory, so Magic Truffles and Salvia Divinorum would be OK to use, as they are perfectly legal in the Netherlands at the moment.

Design the Elljoworld Island together with us

We see the Elljoworld Island as a project that we want to build together with you, our community. So please feel free to give us your suggestions and recommendations. What would you want to see on the island? What activities and services should we include?

Become a VIP on the island

If you want to become a lifetime VIP member of the Elljoworld Island, make sure to get yourself one of our limited Elljoworld NFTs on Rarible or Opensea.

With one of these NFTs you will always have access to the VIP service and VIP suites on the Island that John and I will design. You will also receive first access and see how everything is built and be one of the first to check out all our services.

I can not prove to you that we will do it but I can promise you that we will not give up until we have succeeded.

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