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The Best Coffeeshop In Amsterdam

There are over 160 coffeeshops in Amsterdam, they are one of the main attractions for many people visiting this beautiful city. Many coffeeshops in the inner city have made a name for themselves and are constantly packed with out-of-towners looking for some great weed.

Since I started reviewing coffeeshops in Amsterdam, people would often write to me and ask what the absolute best coffeeshop in the city was. That is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many different factors that you can rate coffeeshops by, is it the quality of their product or the quality of the experience, is it the value for money you get or the location?

What is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

When I asked this question on YouTube or Instagram, I would always get a lot of different answers, some people like the big-name franchises like Hunters or Bulldog, while others were more into the small exclusive places like Grey Area or the Plug. Other names that would often pop up were Abraxas, Dampkring, Barneys, Prixd'Ami, and Voyagers, just to name a few.

My conclusion is that there simply cannot be one coffeeshop to rule them all and there are too many good ones to recommend. Variety is apparently the spice of life and as Amsterdam has so many great coffeeshops the best thing to do is visit as many of them as you can. I definitely have some favorites that I have fond memories of, and I talk about these in my YouTube video below.

What is your favorite coffeeshop in Amsterdam?

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