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The Right Setting For Taking Psilocybin

The setting for taking psychedelics and a qualified and trustful team around you is so important. Of course, preparation is equally important. You can read more about that here: My preparation for taking psychedelics

Note: Beware of the life-changing impact that taking psychedelics can have. Make sure that you give yourself enough time to digest your experience afterward. Sometimes it can be very beneficial to work with a therapist for some weeks or months after this experience. Make sure to receive the help that you need. Some psychedelics might have contraindications with certain western medicine. Never combine psychedelics with other medications or alcohol. Please talk to your doctor and do your own research to avoid any risks. Make sure that your liver, kidneys, and heart are healthy and strong.

There is a different setting for the different kinds of psychedelics. Every psychedelic plant has its own nature and requires a different ceremony and energy.

Psilocybin (truffles or magic mushrooms)

Note: If you have the choice of taking magic mushrooms or truffles, I would always go with the shrooms because the truffles taste worse and the effect on me is weaker but this is only my personal preference and everybody reacts slightly differently to psychedelic substances. In the Netherlands, you can buy truffles in smart shops.

If it is your first trip I recommend having a trip sitter, a person who stays sober and can look after you if needed, and do it at home or a place where you feel calm and relaxed. When you are more experienced you might want to try a silent walk in nature with a sober friend.

Before you start, make sure you haven't eaten in the last 2-3 hours and that you have a table prepared with a fresh fruit platter and fresh water for afterward. Have a bucket handy just in case you have to throw up, but normally that is not a problem.

Note: In case you want to stop the trip earlier for whatever reasons, have a sugary drink or/and chocolate prepared. The sugar will help you to stop the trip.

It’s very important to create a safe and friendly environment. I personally like open and bright rooms.

The state of mind is also very important. The general rule for beginners is not to take it if you feel sad or depressed. It is not recommended to do this in loud crowded places like parties or festivals. That could lead to a bad trip with a negative outcome. Magic Mushrooms are plant teacher plants. You want to have the ability to listen, otherwise, it could get messy.

I like to take a shower before starting, prepare a meditation corner. I don't use candles because I don’t know if I could handle them during the experience. I set my intention, and then I am ready to go.

It’s very important to know that the transition phase is the hardest for the body. You might experience sickness, shivering, and a bad feeling in the stomach but after this first hour or so it gets really nice in my opinion.

You can reconnect your human being with your spirit and your inner child. This might sound a little bit odd to you if you never have done any psychedelics but you will understand want I mean by this after your experience for sure.

After 4-6 hours your trip will come to an end and you can eat the prepared fruit, drink plenty of fresh water, shower and digest your experience.

You might want to include thoughts about your experience in your meditation practice.

Do not use Magic Shrooms or Truffles too often or regularly and have at least about 3 months between these trips so your organs can recover and get rid of all the toxins. It is also important to process in your mind what happened. Talk to friends, a mindset coach (like myself), and/or a therapist.

Disclaimer: This article does not promote or recommend the use of illegal drugs. Some of the substances referenced are illegal in some countries. This article does not constitute medical advice. Please do your own research and consult your doctor before taking any psychedelics.

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