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Top 3 Reasons For Microdosing Psychedelics

The less invasive and risky way to ease into the psychedelic rabbit hole

Disclaimer: This is not health advice. I am not a doctor. Please do your own research.

Before I even considered having a family and kids I started to look for answers. What is it all about, what is life all about? Working 9–5 all my life like my parents just to retire at an age where my body might ache didn’t seem enough for me. After being very frustrated with the outlook of my future life I found peace and some answers in psychedelics. I know that I don’t know anything but at least I know that now.

Life is a gift. Because of life we all have the opportunity to grow and develop further. A lot of us, including myself, tend to get stuck very easily. I believe that humans are free spirits and we get sick if we are captured in prison-like systems, like the rat race.

After having had a few different kinds of very intense and strong flood doses of psychedelics, I found more and more interest in microdosing.

Here are my personal top 3 reasons for microdosing:

  • Dealing with human emotions on a meta-level. Everybody knows these stupid little fights in daily life. We get caught up in small things and get sad/mad/angry/frustrated, etc. These are the kind of emotions that are not serving us or others. It is important to process these emotions and then let go. My favorite psychedelic substance for this matter is Iboga. I like to use it instead of coffee in the mornings. Iboga is legal in Austria and I can buy it in a herb shop in the inner city of Vienna.

  • Brainstorming creative ideas. For brainstorming my favorite is magic truffles. I used to live in the Netherlands where magic truffles are legal. You can buy them in smart shops or order online. But LSD or ALD52 is also a good option.

  • Dealing with depression. Especially during the dark winter months in Europe I tend to have small signs of depression. To avoid winter depression completely I like to microdose. In the past I used LSD, ALD52, Iboga, Salvia Divinorum, and Magic Truffles to avoid depression. Of course I never mix substances and just use one at a time for approx. 3–4 weeks once or twice a week.

Microdosing breaks are important

It is very important to have longer breaks from microdosing so that the mind has enough time to process. Microdosing these substances is also a lot of work for your liver and kidneys, don’t overwork your organs and make sure that you are healthy, get your blood work done at least once a year and watch out for a healthy heart, liver, and kidneys in particular.


My life changed for the better since I let psychedelics be part of my daily life. A mindful approach and a lot of research were necessary to find the right rhythm for myself. Everybody is different and everybody reacts a little bit different to all psychedelics. Microdosing is a great way to ease into the psychedelic rabbit hole without taking on too much risk. The change is very subtle in the beginning but you will notice huge changes over the years. It is an incredible journey into your mind. You will be able to reconnect with your spirit and your inner child.

Note: I don’t take any western medication anymore and I also don’t drink alcohol for years now because it is not a good combination with psychedelics. I never planned it, it just happened. Plant teachers are the best teachers that I ever had in my whole life. I learned to listen to my inner voice, my compass over the last years.

Do you have experience with microdosing? What is your favorite substance?

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