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What to expect from Amsterdam Coffeeshops Blog

From the very first time I went to Amsterdam, I was absolutely obsessed with the coffeeshop culture. As cannabis was illegal in the rest of Europe at the time, it seemed to me like such an incredible achievement by the Dutch to have a whole industry catering to the 420 crowd without having to hide it.

Ella and I moved to Amsterdam shortly after that and I started visiting and reviewing as many coffeeshops as possible. These videos all went up on our Elljoworld YouTube channel, however, YouTube did not share my passion for cannabis and so the videos had to be taken down again. I started posting more coffeeshop review videos on a new YouTube channel a few years later, but the problem is that the coffeeshops generally don't like being filmed as the laws in the Netherlands tolerate weed but it is still illegal and the government cracks down on any coffeeshop which appears to advertise too much.

Therefore the best way to talk about these coffeeshops is through this blog. I will share my experiences, reviews of the coffeeshops and their products, dealing with the owners and staff (I also worked in a coffeeshop for a while), and all other kinds of stuff related to the Dutch coffeeshop culture. This also includes smartshops which do not sell cannabis but mild psychedelics and other smart drugs.

This blog will also look into the legalization status of cannabis in other countries as we are now starting to reach a point where the world is waking up to the positive effects of cannabis on individual health and the well-being of society as a whole (less domestic violence and aggression, more tax revenue, etc.).

If you have a keen interest in weed and would like to see it accepted as a common household remedy or light intoxicant (like alcohol), this is the place where we will discuss these matters. All starting from the fantastic coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam (or Mokum as it is called due to being a safe haven free from oppression).

I'm looking forward to sharing my insider knowledge with you. Please let me know if you are interested in a particular topic or content in these matters.



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