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Who Needs Retirement?

I never liked the concept of retirement and I will never ever retire. Here is why.

me in our garden in Chiang Mai, 2022

I simply cannot connect to this idea of retirement. I am not a fan of the whole slavery system. I don't like that anybody tells me how I am supposed to live, how many days I am allowed to take off, and how long I have to stay an employee in general until I get my OK for retirement. I want to live now, and not wait until I am old and maybe sick. Life is all about the moment.

picture: old couple sitting on the beach

How do I see retirement?

Retirement is an old concept to make employees look forward to free time without the obligation of work from Monday to Friday and still receive enough money to survive. At this stage of life, you don’t have to work anymore because you have reached a certain age. Finally, you can do whatever you like for the rest of your days.

Why wait to do whatever you like for the rest of your days?

picture: young man surfing

Why do people feel the need to retire?

Most human beings don't enjoy their jobs very much and only do it for the money.

I often hear people say that they actually f*cking hate their job and cannot wait to retire, far from that awful boss, and those super annoying colleagues.

A lot of humans don’t like the daily grind and the rat race but the same people are also afraid of getting out of their comfort zone and so they get stuck in a life that they don’t like.

It is a vicious cycle which is not super easy to get out of.

picture: employees in an office

I understand it, I have been there but I managed to escape this employee mindset with a lot of work and dedication, always having my big goal in front of me. Being and feeling free.

How did I get out of the rat race?

I came to a point in my life where I knew I have to change something. It was not working for me anymore. I had a 9–5 job, that I didn’t hate but also didn’t love, I felt stuck and super bored with my life at the same time.

picture: me in Rome, 2013

I had nothing to lose. I saw my parents struggling through life. Both did what society and their environment expected from them and it certainly didn’t make them very happy. I couldn’t repeat their life. I needed more.

At that stage, I was happy to take risks, travel, and take the money that I needed from savings or from my bank account (overdraft). I was in the middle of my 20ies when I decided to take a different and much riskier path in my life.

me meditating in Thailand/Koh Samui, 2017

I wanted to create a richer life for myself, in all matters and so I did. In this YouTube video, I talk more about that.

My dad likes to say that you need to be satisfied with what you have and I kinda agree that you should be grateful for what is in your life but I disagree with stagnation.

Stagnation is not great, everything is always changing, change is the only constant, and by not reaching for more you kinda also give up on life and the possibility of experiencing the world. In this blog entry, you can read more about this topic.

You will not learn much from sitting on the couch day in, day out. But if you like to travel and experience other cultures and languages, you will learn a lot from life and other travelers that you meet on this journey.

Why I will never retire?

I don’t like the concept of retirement because I love what I am doing, I love every day of my life and the experiences that I am making. I love to travel, I love being a mother, I love being an entrepreneur and visionary. John Heart and I have big dreams, The Elljoworld Island, and I know that we will make it work. I have found my purpose in my life.

I managed to have enough income by pursuing the things that I love and I am self-employed since 2017 now. You can do it too, everybody can.

I always thought that the purpose in life is something that I need to research and that it might be similar for every human being but it is not like that.

Everybody can give themselves a purpose. You decide what you want to do with your precious life, which is so short. It will be over in a blink of an eye and we had all better make it count.

What are your thoughts on retirement? Please let me know.

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